A movie. It’s real. It’s hard. It’s scary. It’s EXCITING!

untitled copy

Chasing AllieCat is going to be a movie. It’s really going to happen. It’s going to be a short–about 12 minutes long–but it’s going to happen.

Steph Borklund, film professor  at Stephens College and her students are going to make this their spring project. They are going to produce a short film of the novel Chasing AllieCat.

Okay, how do you condense a 288-page story into a 12-page screenplay? It’s not possible, is it? What do you do? You boil away sub-plots. You strip away details that are not the MOST essential story arc. You work in pencil. You erase. You write and erase a lot more. You talk to Steph.  You scratch out and you add.  You talk to Steph again.  And cut and change some more. She cuts and changes. It’s better. Her students change and make suggestions. You write and cut some more.

It’s still a rough draft, but it’s full of hope.

If a bunch of smart and creative people collaborate, you get ideas and ways to visually convey emotion and story in a super-short version. This is so much fun!

I am SO excited. Here we go!

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