Deep Valley Book Festival

Deep Valley Book Festival–Betsy-Tacy Society Calendar of Events.

The Deep Valley Homecoming is coming up at the end of June. Author Melissa Wiley (whom I met at ALA in San Diego a couple years ago) will be a featured speaker. This will be fun. Check the above calendar. Book Festival/Book Fair is Sunday at Sibley Park. I’ll be selling Chasing AllieCat, Beauty Missing, Hair Hissing: Medusa Tells All, and Girl Meets Boy Because There are Two Sides to Every Story.



“Gasland” and “Girl Meets Boy”

Have you seen GASLAND?

I finally watched it last night. The documentary had been on my “to watch” list since I heard about it. School and other obligations have kept me from watching a single movie for a long time.

Holy smoke. I want EVERYBODY in the country to watch this movie. The destruction of water systems, drinking water, livelihoods, farmland, human health to say nothing of ANIMAL health, is devastating. And the oil and gas companies don’t seem to care because they’re making soooo much money.

While I was watching the movie, I kept thinking, this is the new dystopia. We are creating the world we’ve seen in the Dystopian stories. It’s like the world from “The Road” or from “Hunger Games.” Frack enough of our countryside, and it looks possible. 
I wish I were kidding. 
And the new Matt Damon movie, Promised Land will be in Theaters everywhere January 4. We all better see it if we want to keep our country.

On a BRIGHTER NOTE, my short story “Mars at Night” is part of “Girl Meets Boy” and Kirkus Review named it one of “Best Teen Books“!! Whooeeee!  (Scroll to the bottom).

Do the two tie together? Yes…actually, the characters in my story “Mars at Night” live on. Some reviewers said they “need their own novel.” Well, I’ve shifted and twisted them, and moved them from rural Iowa to rural Minnesota, and they have new names, but essentially, I think they will live on…and instead of fighting the invasion of hog factories (“Mars at Night”) which is a moot point–it has happened; big factory farms have won except in small range-free and organic farms; what Maddie and Ben have to fight: Fracking and Frac-sand plants. Stay tuned.

PW review of Girl Meets Boy and upcoming events

Wednesday night, I’ll be signing books in Mapleton, at the Public Library, as part of the Snowflake Dazzle festivities. That should be fun! All sorts of Holiday stuff happening in Mapleton, if you’re anywhere nearby.

Sunday, I’ll be in Grand Rapids, MN signing at the Village Bookstore from noon to 2 p.m. It’s a great Indie bookstore!

Publishers’s Weekly reviews our anthology Girl Meets Boy. They liked my story–I’m so honored because I’m in this book with so many hugely terrific and successful writers.
Lastly, have I mentioned how much I love teaching Children’s Lit? I do. I have such a great group of readers (and writers) in my class this fall. I love Monday nights. We had a great discussion about Chris Crutcher’s Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes last night.

Davenport B&N Tomorrow, and Girl Meets Boy Anthology, January 2012

We got the cover! This week, Kelly Milner Halls sent the cover to all of us whose stories are in this anthology. Pretty cute, huh? It contains some pretty heavy subject matter, I’ll tell you that much. The cover may somewhat imply the weight of the stories within…

I’m honored to be in the company of the authors in this book. I’m excited that it’s actually in the works and will be in bookstores in January. My story is called “Mars at Night,” and the main character is an Iowa farm girl. Go figure. The catch, however, is that she’s in love with the only Muslim in her high school. And her beloved pig farm is in danger…
Closer to home, and closer to the moment, TOMORROW, I’m signing Chasing AllieCat in Davenport, Iowa, at the big Barnes and Noble