Deep Valley Book Festival

Deep Valley Book Festival–Betsy-Tacy Society Calendar of Events.

The Deep Valley Homecoming is coming up at the end of June. Author Melissa Wiley (whom I met at ALA in San Diego a couple years ago) will be a featured speaker. This will be fun. Check the above calendar. Book Festival/Book Fair is Sunday at Sibley Park. I’ll be selling Chasing AllieCat, Beauty Missing, Hair Hissing: Medusa Tells All, and Girl Meets Boy Because There are Two Sides to Every Story.



If I Stay by Gayle Forman

IfI StayI almost forgot to review this book. I read it several months ago. I figured that I should read such a popular YA book and see what all the fuss is about. With all the buzz about the movie version coming out, I read it in the summer. Since it wasn’t on the “required reading” list I made for myself for sabbatical, I didn’t write about it.

I did think this was beautifully done, and I do see what the hype has been about. It’s a great love story, primarily, and it’s a terrific plot twist: the girl-in-a-coma watching the scramble to save her life after the rest of her family is killed. She replays her life, and falling in love, and has to make the decision whether to live or die. It’s a good story, and it’s certainly a good love story.

Since I’m writing a YA love story right now, it’s something for me to consider: what makes a good one work, how does the author suck us in so we don’t want to put the story down? I Gayle Forman does it well!

Still, this wasn’t my favorite book, and I won’t read it again. I like the character far more many YA love story heroines, though. So I guess that means I liked the story.


Story Time, Blue Earth County Library

Saturday morning, January 15,
at the Blue Earth County Library.
I read Woof and Wag: Bringing Home a Dog and Freya got to meet all sorts of people and be her happy, gentle, goofy dog self. Her best buddy Maggie came along, too, so the little people who came to story time got to meet two giant dogs: a Newfoundland and a Wolfhound.
Top: signing Parker’s book
Middle: hanging out with kids, dogs, and parents after story time
Bottom: Freya and Maggie are seriously checking out the library.
A grand time was had by all.