Mapleton Public Library Storytime

This was quite a good summer day. This morning, Freya and I went to the Mapleton Public Library, where I always love to do storytime. This morning we read about dogs and baby duck and monsters under the bed!


Freya, as always, was a big hit with the kids. They all got a chance to pet her. She loves the attention, even when she pretends to sleep through it.

Afterward, Freya and I walked around Mapleton for awhile. She likes the shady streets. Every time we’ve been there, she wants to go for a walk before she’s willing to get in the car.

This afternoon, I spent some time with a good friend and this evening, I did the Mankato Isle of Man Time Trial staged in Rapidan. I cut about a minute off last time’s time, so I’m getting back in better shape finally. It’s a delightully fun event, thanks to Mike and Sheila Busch.

Halloweeny stuff

Freya came to school with me on Friday. She went as Sirius Black. The sign around her neck reads: “Have you seen this Wizard?”

THEN, Saturday morning, I read Halloween stories at the Blue Earth County Library story time. Lots of kids–I bet 60–came and listened–raptly, actually–while I read. Then the Dungeon master, aka Chuck Schoettler, recited his “Twas the Night before Halloween” poem to the kids’ delight.