Mzukosi's momCharlotte and meScott and CharlottePatricia, Binkie, Buhle, and me, after dinnerScott and Abongile, deep in conversation about school and goals...imageimageimageimageimageimageScott and Lela's dadSedgefield/Smutsville primary schoolOverlook in the way to Cape AgulhasOur bus driver WilliamKandi!Scott and Lela's momClimbing the rocks and watching the seaScott and me pointing the wayCaleb our photographer hard at workThe artist colony coop/nonprofit in the amazing Sedgefield communityDancers at the Smutsville Primary SchoolStudents at the Smutsville Primary School all wanted their photos taken!IimageimageTatas at the farmDinner at my farmNew York"Bobbert" BledsoeSally, Angie, and FreyaRetreat 09retreat!In Jail!09-12-09_ Trish and meA bobby and meBuckingham PalaceWindsor CastleChapel at Windsor CastleOxfordOxfordWindsor CastleFranklin, Nik and Tom in the kitchenChristmas Tree '09Tom and Nik on the farmJosh and Emily w Freya at the farmDec 2009 773