Some news, Reflecting…and some wedding pictures

_MG_8303 Reflections on getting married and life in the last couple months… The big news is about my novel Slider’s Son. It looks like it’s going to get PUBLISHED in 2017! So before I launch into that explanation, which is a long story, I owe you a few wedding pics…

First of all, this is our gang. Tom and me with our kids and grandchildren.

Left to right:

Ashley holding Charlotte, Chase in Dusty’s arms, Kari, Ben, Tom, me holding Lia, Josh, Emily, Alec who doesn’t want his picture taken, Tom, and Nikki. Tom’s offspring are on the left side of the photo, and mine are on the right. What a terrific crew of kids. Ashley had the idea to dress the girls the same and the boys the same. Turned out ADORABLY in my opinion.

So, getting married the year I turn 60. Some might think it’s nuts, but to us, it feels just right. Secure, solid, content. We’ve been together so long, there are no questions about trust or if we can make it work. We just want to make one secure home (instead of two) for ourselves and for kids and grandkids to visit. It’s good. We like this.

Laughing, ceremonyWe had a good time at the super-informal ceremony outside in our backyard.















And of course, Freya was our flower girl, thanks to Kirstin providing her with a wreath-collar! True to form, Tom didn’t leave his shirt on long after the ceremony ended.

It’s been a busy summer, the garden is bursting at its seams (with vegetables AND with weeds), and school starts in a couple weeks. I am happy, happy, happy to have survived an aneurysm and to be alive!

Oh, yeah, my name is now Becky Brooks, but I’ll still use Rebecca Fjelland Davis as my writing name. Just FYI.

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