Whew. And thinking of Muhammad Ali

This has been one heckofa month of my life. High highs (wow!), a big disappointment or two, but mostly, life is REALLY good.  In the next blog post, I’ll have information about some of these happenings that I don’t have time to dive into right now. But it started with the trip to Missouri for the filming of Chasing AllieCat and just this past weekend, Tom and I got MARRIED! It’s been sort of a whirlwind. But a good one. More on all that soon.

Right now, however, I want to show you this article. Davis Miller is my friend. He knew Muhammad Ali personally, and he wrote extensively about him. I loved his book, The Tao of Muhammad Ali, and I’m not really even a boxing fan. The book was what one might call transcendent. It transcended being about Davis or being about boxing or exclusively about Ali. It was about how we connect with other humans, and how our shared stories–personally as well as in literature–allow us to recognize our connections. Weirdly, Davis’ Great Pyrenees died shortly after Ali did. There’s something karmic about that, and the loss felt that way to Davis. Anyway, this article captures the relationship, and does homage to both men and to their friendship. It’s worth reading.