National 24 Hour Challenge and following

National 24 Hour Challenge and following

The National 24 Hour Challenge is in the past now, a month+ ago, but I need to reflect a bit on it. This is more of a photo gallery for my own memories than anything else, but if you feel like slogging through it, more power to you. This race was harder than I...
National 24-Hour Challenge

National 24-Hour Challenge Here’s the race I’m entering this weekend. Since I was frustrated back in January with how little control I have had about how Slider’s Son is received in the world, I decided to do something that I can control: Train for a big...


In the garden, the last several days, I’ve been thinking about the similarities between weeding brand new baby vegetable plants and editing a manuscript. I’m probably thinking about that because at this time of summer, I’m doing both. Teeny carrot threads of green...
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