On Thursday, I visited KIPP Pride High and Gaston College Prep in Gaston, North Carolina. What an amazing day. The students had wonderful questions about Jake Riley: Irreparably Damaged. We had good discussions every class period.The most amazing thing was our last...

I'm in sunny North Carolina where the skies are blue and the temp has been in the seventies since I've arrived.I'm also a brunette. Jesus. Nikki and Josh's girlfriend Emily had consorted in a decision to do a "hair intervention" on me! Hilarious? Sad, too. So Nikki...

Time flies

Time flies

Time flies when you're having fun or when you're buried in work to get done. How did it get to be Feb. 21 anyway? We have blizzardy snow this weekend, which is kind of fun and cozy. Freya and I have had some grand adventures out in the snow, too. She loves it. Look...

Blue Road

I just polished an excerpt from the memoir I'm working on, and sent it to Blue Road for consideration. Waiting and nail-biting begin.

Eagles with coffee

Eagles with coffee

Tom's place this morning. Taken through binoculars.An eagle soared around in front of Tom's house and settled in the field across the road for about forty-five minutes, joined by three harrassing crows. He/she chased them away and then was joined by his/her mate. The...

John Updike

John Updike is dead.It doesn't seem possible.I felt personally attached to him, in the way that we do to authors we love. My first undergraduate research paper as an English major at St. Cloud State was on Updike's three Rabbit novels. When he read in St. Paul at what...

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My novel Slider’s Son has been published by North Star Press! Get it here.

Stay tuned for events near you!

Steph Borklund has completed the short film based on my novel Chasing AllieCat! It’s being submitted to film festivals and contests. Stay tuned for news!



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