Newfoundland puppy!

It's official. I'm adopting a Newfoundland puppy in early October. Check out her picture (scroll down to see "the girls" and you'll find (Purple) Freya).

Recovery and Poverty

So...I had surgery Tuesday, had a couple pins put in my hand to hold the broken bones in place while I heal. I can't deny it hurts. It feels like someone jammed a croquet wicket from my fingers to my elbow. But I still can't wait to get back on my bike. My friends...

yet another crash…

Remember how my life was imitating my fiction? Well, if you read Jake Riley, you may remember Lainey got a "boxer's fracture" when she punched Jake in the nose? Well guess what and who? And who'd a thunk you could get a boxer's fracture on a road bike? And who'd a...

New Puppy pictures below!

The kennel website has been updated, with newer pictures. I'm pretty sure I'm getting one of these baby girls now. OMG.I also met a 5-month-old Newfie last night. he was hilarious and cuter than can be believed. I'm sunk.I did make my goal of riding 1000 miles in...


So I took the plunge and filled out an application for a Newfoundland puppy. If I get one, shell arrive the second weekend in October. OMG! Look how cute they are. to schoolwork.And I have to get a ride in today. It...

The Latest News


My novel Slider’s Son has been published by North Star Press! Get it here.

Stay tuned for events near you!

Steph Borklund has completed the short film based on my novel Chasing AllieCat! It’s being submitted to film festivals and contests. Stay tuned for news!



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