Searching for Sugarman

Searching for Sugarman

Have you heard of the musician Rodriguez? I'm a little slow when it comes to popular and rock music. I blame this on the fact that even though I was a child of the 60s, I missed the whole decade. My mom thought pretty much everything going on in the secular world that...

A dog's loyalty

 A Dog's loyalty. I got nothin' to add to this. This dog says it all. The story made me cry, but it's also beautiful.

Grading papers…from African students

Grading papers…from African students

As an English teacher, it's sometimes a challenge to read papers from students who are not native English speakers. It's especially challenging because some of these students have the most to say. Some have traveled unbelievable distances--emotionally as well as on...

Thoughts on crashing and riding again

Thoughts on crashing and riding again

On Labor Day I crashed on my bike. I crashed hard. Hard. I was riding in a group of about 20 guys. After a nice little loop around Minneopa, we had come back into town on Carney, which is newly paved and smooth riding. For this reason, guess I wasn't being...

Why I love my Newf

Why I love my Newf

Here's a story about what my Newfoundland Freya did this morning... I haven't written for a bit because school started and because last week, I crashed hard on my bike during a delightfully fun group ride and broke my shoulder blade, collarbone, and three ribs. I am...

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My novel Slider’s Son has been published by North Star Press! Get it here.

Stay tuned for events near you!

Steph Borklund has completed the short film based on my novel Chasing AllieCat! It’s being submitted to film festivals and contests. Stay tuned for news!



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