Stravinsky's Rite of Spring

Getting ready for my Humanities Class.Looking for a bit more information about the first performance of Stravinksy's Rite of Spring, which I knew was performed in 1913 and NOT to an appreciative or receptive audience (supposedly the Ballet-goers rioted and...

Springfield, here I come!

Crazy busy week. Taking Terry's dogs to a fostering family today (thank you, Melissa!!!).School is always there, and FRIDAY, I'm going to Springfield, MN to be guest author at the elementary school for the morning. I'm looking forward to that. I just hope I'm not to...

Sick of us yet? More GIRL MEETS BOY Blog Tour stuff!

Sick of us yet? More GIRL MEETS BOY Blog Tour stuff!

I screwed up. Maybe royally. I guess it's not the end of the world, but last Saturday, Jan. 28th, I was supposed to be the host blogger for our GIRL MEETS BOY Blog Tour. With everything going on with Terry Davis, I FORGOT completely.When I first agreed to host a day...

A helluva Month

A helluva Month

I'm ready for February. A new start. January wasn't so hot.1. I broke my arm (technically in December, but the bulk of the result has affected January, not December).2. Terry Davis fell off a ladder onto a cement floor, ended up being airlifted to Mayo Clinic, went...

Girl Meets Boy gets press

Girl Meets Boy gets press at ChronicleAND here's the trailer...At least I wrote a story that is getting some press and PR. Don't care if my name isn't front and center...I'm in there, and I like my story...along with most of the others in this book. Great interview...

The Latest News


My novel Slider’s Son has been published by North Star Press! Get it here.

Stay tuned for events near you!

Steph Borklund has completed the short film based on my novel Chasing AllieCat! It’s being submitted to film festivals and contests. Stay tuned for news!



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