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Yesterday, my friend's dog peed on my living room carpet--quite out of character, but enough to push me over the edge: YES, I need to rip up the carpet NOW, and have a nice wooden floor--or at least a clean wooden floor--with rug(s) before Alec comes to visit and...

More summer stuff

More summer stuff

When I planted "Mini Bell" peppers, I wasn't expecting this! Barely bite-size, but sweet and good. The hot banana peppers have heat this year. Eight varieties of peppers are growing and blooming and starting to produce. Tomatoes are blooming to beat the band; onions...

Saturday, July 9

Some happinesses of July: sunshine, long bike rides, ripe raspberries, and blooming hollyhocks.Today was supposed to be our annual canoe trip down the Blue Earth River, but due to 1. thunderstorm warnings and 2. Tom being on call 24-7 because of the state shut-down,...

Balance and living in the moment

Balance and living in the moment

Yesterday was a strange mixture of joy and trauma. Got up and volunteered at the North Mankato Triathlon with my friend Barb. We had fun, cheered on the cyclists (many of them good friends) from our appointed spot on Judson Bottom Road, and then I went to the finish...


Great ride yesterday--"University of Okoboji Cycling Classic." Rode the 50-mile route around the lakes, and after the jammed-10-mile-an-hour start on a clogged bike trail, we broke into the open and flew along the roads and trails--gently rolling hills and curves. It...

Good week

Gearing up for some book events in July. New Ulm Public Library has a cool website. I'm there on July 15.This is my birthday week, so on my birthday yesterday, I rode 55 miles -- Eeek. That's a mile for every year. Muddy, wet, rainy, windy, puddles, grit, but I did...

The Latest News


My novel Slider’s Son has been published by North Star Press! Get it here.

Stay tuned for events near you!

Steph Borklund has completed the short film based on my novel Chasing AllieCat! It’s being submitted to film festivals and contests. Stay tuned for news!



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