Random images of early summer….

Random images of early summer….

I was on my bike Saturday morning and stopped to snap this shot.  The blossoms have created their own snowdrifts. The winter was so long and cold this year that I can hardly believe we really have such weather and THIS kind of snowdrift. Finally.   This...
Gearing up and gearing down!

Gearing up and gearing down!

The semester is winding down. Actually, I gave my last final today and returned research papers. I still have to grade two final exams and some last short papers/reviews, and then I’ll be done. Then: Sabbatical! I won’t be teaching until January. Wow. That...

The controversy continues

 SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL and Culturally Diverse Books I don’t think I’ve transgressed any of Debbie Reese’s cardinal sins in Slider’s Son. But it’s out to be read by a friend who is 1/4 native and has great sensibility about the issue....

Bike and Brew for Bill: Huge Success!

I’m still trying to figure out my new blog format, but I had to give this update: Saturday was beautiful weather, and almost 50 people rode the 22-mile Bike for Bill route. We had many upbeat volunteers, and lots of amazing contributions for the silent acution....

The long haul to publication

You know, I remember when I wrote my first novel (the one that isn’t published and will forever live in my drawer somewhere), I thought once I finished it and edited and proofread, bang, I was done. Somebody would buy it and I would be an author. Well, that...
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