I finished revising Chasing AllieCat this weekend. I spent most of two full days on it, one of which was a full day revising the climactic nearly final scene of the book. I’m happy with it. I think I addressed all the concerns my agent, George Nicholson, and his assistant Erica had with it.

I know the ending of the book is strong now. Now I’m nervous to see what happens.
I wonder if I’ll ever write something and have it be right on maybe the third time? I believe this was my 15th revision of Chasing AllieCat. Maybe I’m just slow….but I am hoping it’s all worthwhile.

Freya: She weighs about 40 pounds now. She’s sleeping under the table by my feet while I type. Her paws are as big as my palm (which isn’t too small) and her legs are as big around as my wrists, and she is three months old today. She’s gonna be a big dog!! And she’s adorably sweet.

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