In response to my last post about “Do what you are doing,” I have thought in the last twenty-four hours how cell phones have all so often kept us from doing what we are doing. How many young people have you seen at a table together, all looking at their phones? How many couples have you seen alone on a date at a restaurant, both looking, or at least constantly glancing, a their phones?  How many young moms at the park are staring at their phones instead of playing with–or even watching!–their kids.  Technology can be a blessing, but man, I don’t want it to be a detriment to being present in the moment!

I walked into an art museum recently, and was surrounded by an entire class of students, every single one staring at his or her phone instead of at the incredible works around them. I discovered quickly that they were using a phone app that explained the various works of art surrounding them and were required to be logged in while in the museum. That might have been a good idea if any of the students looked away from their phones and at the exhibits! But I didn’t see that happening. They could have stayed in class and used the app and saved money! Plain and simple: I do NOT want my students on such an app! I want them with me, with the masterpieces, feeling some awe. They can look up info later if they are so moved by actually looking at the masterpieces face-to-face.

I use my phone a lot. I can be as guilty as anyone of overusing it. But man, I really want to live face-to-face.


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