Since I retired—since I started walking—since I can’t ride my bike and have to take things slower due to my ruptured aorta and high blood pressure (go figure; I do have more to say about that in a future post), I get to pay more attention. To everything. I have for that reason, I suppose, been able to take more notice of the phases of the moon. I’ve always noticed the moon. Always. However, this is the first month for the reasons above, added to the fact that the sky is always clear without the presence of rain (!), I have watched the moon each and every night, grow from that barely-visible new moon to a waxing sliver, to full on waxing crescent, to a half moon, to full-on gibbous, now entering the full-moon stage.

No wonder the ancients and the spiritualists tied so much to the moon. It pulls at us. And now the summer solstice of this week has made for a good time to look, meditate upon it, and enjoy its beauty.

Also, the teacher in me cannot resist. Did you know that the Waning phases and Waxing phases are alphabetical? Waning—fading away, is when the crescent or visible portion is on the left. Waxing comes after waning alphabetically, and is therefore on the right—when the moon is growing bigger. So if the visible portion is on the left, the moon is growing smaller—waning. On the right, it’s growing bigger—waxing. There you go.

I haven’t blogged for over a year. One reason is it felt to me as if everyone and their brother was blogging during the pandemic. I didn’t feel like joining that craze. Mainly though, I didn’t have time. I spent HOURs putting all my usually face-to-face courses online and I didn’t have time to do much of anything else, and I certainly didn’t want to be on my computer any more than I already was. 

So stay tuned. I have a lot to say at this point–probably more than you will want to read, but that’s the glory of a blog. I can write it and nobody has to read it! 


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