My long-time agent George Nicholson has died.

George Nicholson was my agent for the last thirteen years. I parted ways with him in November because I felt a sort of panic, that he wasn’t moving fast enough on my recent manuscript. I knew this was due largely to his failing health, and I struggled with the decision, but that’s not what I want to write about. I loved George, and all of us who knew him will miss him. He was an encyclopedia of publishing history, of great stories, and of wisdom about how the publishing world works.

George Nicholson was a giant in the world of publishing, and a champion of children’s publishing. He was the man who was instrumental in getting Charlotte’s Web published in paperback, for crying out loud!  Read his Bio in the link above, to see what a truly great job he did for all of us in Children’s Lit. He was S.E. Hinton’s agent–the author of the unbelievably spectacular THE OUTSIDERS. George referred to her warmly as “Suzy.”

Another client of his wrote this beautiful tribute.

Rest in peace, George Nicholson. Because you sold my first novel, I felt I could call myself an author. What you did for my career was a gift I carry forever, and I know I am far from alone in that attitude. R.I.P., wonderful friend.


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