It’s DONE. Who the Frack is Maddie Jackson?  is done, edited, as good as I can make it right now. I sent out my first query in my search for a new agent to represent it just now. 

I’ve been busier writing than blogging here lately, which is a good thing. I did finally finish editing this manuscript!  However, lots of writers seem to do almost as much social media as they do writing. I don’t understand! I remember Maggie Stiefvater telling us at a writers’ conference how she does social media for a half hour, no more, and then leaves it to write. I should try some such discipline. It’s just that usually, if I get caught up in a blog post, it takes me way longer than half an hour to write it. 

Maybe if I did this more often, I could do shorter posts. 

 Today, January 4, we’re snowed in. It’s been snowing for over a day, and this is the view from my library-office. 

My library window well

And this is another wall in my sanctuary. This dream library that Tom made for me.

See? I’m already distracted. What I set out to say is that I have officially FINISHED a marketable draft of Who the Frack is Maddie Jackson? The book is the first real romance I’ve written, but it’s about lots more than Maddie and Rafi’s relationship. It’s environmental, political, and Maddie even falls in love with bicycling in the course of the story. 

I like the story. I’m such a sap, and of course we all write to our own emotional places, but when I went through the end of the book again with another fine-toothed comb, I was bawling. I hope maybe it will move readers to the same degree. Who knows! When I get to that point, I lose all confidence in my own ability to be objective.

As I go through the editing process, I get caught up in how happy I am with the story, and how I like reading through it even more than the book I’m reading at the time (usually, at least), and that gives me great hope that the book is actually good. Then I get to the end, and I’m thrilled if I still feel that way. Then I sit back, get more pragmatic, and start to worry.  Then I convince myself that I have deluded myself all these months because I’m too close to the work, too invested in the characters, and I know them so deeply I’m prejudiced about the impact of their story. Period. Once I get to that point as a writer, I have to let go. And send my babies out into the world.  

So this morning, I sent out my first query. My goal is to send out one query a day until at least someone answers. And to keep sending queries until some agent believes in this story as much as I do and takes me on. 

Happy Snow Day, everybody! 

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