I have been reading two books for a long time: BIKO by Donald Woods and I Write What I Like by Steve Biko. Since the latter is a collection of Biko’s writings, articles, and speeches, it’s not a book that one can sit down, plow through, and absorb. It needs to be sipped and digested in small chunks. I’ve been doing that for months, and I’m glad I’ve had the luxury to read it that way. I’ll review it and BIKO in the next couple weeks.

Long Walk to Freedom is the lengthy autobiography of Nelson Mandela, which can be read straight through but is also a long haul.

I’ve neglected to review one of my favorite Newbery winners, The One and Only Ivan, which will be the next book review I write. And I’m finishing two more Newberys this weekend: Moon Over Manifest and A Year Down Yonder. So I haven’t squished everything together at the end of the year. I’ve been diligently reading and writing, but since I need to fulfill my Sabbatical obligation, there will be several reviews, one after another on this blog.

I’ve been really productive. I’ve written a novel, written a book, and read thirty-some books. I counted forty one list, so I need to make a more specific list and do a better count.  ‘Til then.

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