Shadow2The semester is winding down. Five weeks to go. I’ve had some wonderful classes this past week. In the South Africa class, people opened up and we had the best discussion we’ve had all semester. It makes me happy, happy, happy about the people who will be traveling together.

In Humanities II, we had fun looking at a wide variety of art, and then for fun, groups crafted architecture out of clay that would symbolize the various periods we have studied so far.

Students from Humanities who went on the field trip to the MIA and Guthrie have been writing their responses, and what a gratifying experience for me! Having students fall in love with “real” art, and discovering the beauty to be found in creativity in the world sort of makes my whole job worthwhile.

Part of life is good because it’s spring, and I took on the Nicollet Bike Shop challenge to ride at least two miles every single day of April. I fell off the wagon on the 9th. I got home at 9:30 p.m.; it was raining and cold and pitch dark, so I messed up my streak, but I’ll ride twice one day so I can still say I rode 30 times in April. Today, I rode 47 miles from the bike shop with seven very cool and fun people. Anyway, being outside on my trusty steed makes me feel fully human again, like I can leave things behind for a short time and just ride. Good for the soul, good for the body, necessary for the mind.

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