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Rebecca Fjelland Davis is a novelist and YA and children’s book author who lives in Minnesota. Becky is a serious cyclist and loves to write about her passions:  bicycling, dogs, farms, family, and friendship.

Becky’s newest novel, Slider’s Son, winner of the Midwest Book Award for Young Adult Fiction, was published by North Star Press in September 2017.  Mystery! Intrigue! A dead body in the cellar. You don’t want to miss reading this page-turner!

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Chasing AllieCat, encore.

Chasing AllieCat, encore.

Chasing AllieCat!  New life for this story.  I feel the need to tell the story of the story of Chasing AllieCat, my second novel. Not the plot, but the story of the life of this novel. It's so so full of twists and turns, it's almost funny. And now, 13 years after it...

The state of the world

Maybe I'm just getting old, but to me, the state of the world seems alarming lately. Ukraine! Gaza! Donald Trump! How can the man who bumbles every speech now and is a convicted felon still get crowds of people following him? And cheering when he comes up with a catch...

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

My newest novel, Who the Frack is Maddie Jackson? is out on submission. I'm supposed to hear a decision this week. If, IF, it happens that the publisher wants to take this story, there might be more news, too. I can't talk about it yet because that could jinx the...

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  • A MUST readA MUST readAnthony L Larson

    Rebecca Davis has created very real characters that I'm sure we all can relate to in one way or another. She has captured some very real situations that we can relate to, maybe you or even your child has experienced a similar situation. This is a wonderful and fast read that young and old will surely enjoy. Rebecca has a way with words that captures and reels the reader deep into the story. I highly reccommend [sic] this book!

  • Mystery and RomanceMystery and Romancevtown

    I would really recommend this book to someone who loves mystery and conflict.

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  • Surprising EffectiveSurprising EffectiveBrent Hartinger

    It's always good to approach a book with no expectations, which I did with this one. It's a wonderfully-written mystery-of-sorts that, most of all, reads completely true to the reality of the sport at the center of the action (though anyone can enjoy it!).

  • Mountain bikes, mystery and madness.Mountain bikes, mystery and madness.Jessica N.

    In terms of realistic fiction, Chasing Alliecat was my first foray into this world in YA fiction. This book hooked its fingers into me and drew me into reading from the very first chapter. If this is what all realistic fiction is like, well please let me say that I'm more than happy to go find some more! I felt so invested in these characters that I loved every minute of this book. Absolutely amazing.

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  • It's as simple as this: Chasing AllieCat blew me away in the best way possible, and I have a very strong feeling it will do the same to many other YA book lovers out there, because this book simply has it all: strong characters, a mysterious plot that will keep the reader guessing to the very last page, romance, and plenty more!

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  • A mystery that will give you an emotional rideA mystery that will give you an emotional rideKristen M. Harvey

    I love the mystery behind Allie when you meet her in the book, how tough she is and how unwilling to reveal any type of contact information to Sadie. It becomes apparent that something is going on pretty much from the start when it comes to Allie. She won't share a lot about herself with Sadie except for her love of riding. When Joe comes along and steals Sadie's attention just a bit, you can feel the tension between the characters.

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  • CHASING ALLIECAT combines all those things we readers loveCHASING ALLIECAT combines all those things we readers loveBrent Taylor

    I absolutely adored Rebecca F-Something Davis's CHASING ALLIECAT. It was mysterious, funny, romantic, and intriguing. CHASING ALLIECAT combines all those things we readers love--unique characters, fast-paced plot, funny narration--perfectly, and makes an enjoyable read.

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  • Ride through the chicken!Ride through the chicken!Laura Booksnob

    Chasing Alliecat is a suspenseful mystery and a page turner. My advice is to chase down this book. It would make a great read for the gym while your riding the stationary bike.

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  • The reading level of this title is perfect for early chapter book readersThe reading level of this title is perfect for early chapter book readersKristen

    The reading level of this title is perfect for early chapter book readers, once you are familiar with the Greek terminology and names. The text is in large type and not too lengthy, and the illustrations are colorful and dynamic. A good choice for kids who aren't quite ready for the Goddess Girls series.

  • Did not want to put it downDid not want to put it downJackie R.

    Did not want to put it down and hopeful for a sequel. Adventure, sadness and laughter is what life is.

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