Spring? Biking

Spring? Biking

So…Bicycling Magazine is hosting a contest: submit 100 words about your favorite ride  (I take that quite loosely) and a photo. I submitted a couple weeks ago, and TODAY (two days before contest ends), I read that I can submit ONE entry EACH day! Holy...

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University News

Big News at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University–what a time to be going to South Africa!For the first time, a degree will be offered in Human Settlement Development at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.Big News at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University:...

The rewards of teaching…yes, they are there

Sometimes…sometimes I get frustrated because I never, ever have enough time to write. School takes so many hours a week between grading papers and preparing for class that writing gets squeezed into flat spaces that never materialize. Spring break was a gift. I...
Kasota Prairie walk

Kasota Prairie walk

 Kasota Prairie Walk Freya and I went to the Kasota Prairie on a cold but melty March Day.We saw a hawk (who as actually huge though it doesn’t show up in the picture).We had fun romping.  And we saw this weird ice formation:Water rose and froze,...

Young Writers' Conference

At Bethany College on March 13th, I’ll be keynote speaker for the Young Writers’ Conference.”Prairie-Dogging Your Way to a Story”My Workshops will be “Creating a Character Out of Thin...
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