Well, it’s a real thing. Steph Borklund and I are going to pursue creating a feature-length film of my novel Chasing AllieCat.  She’s finished the last few film projects she’s been working on. We talked this summer and she asked if I was ready to commit to writing a feature-length screenplay. 

Chasing Alliecat Book Cover

When I said “yes,” Steph drove from Missouri to Mankato so we could spend several days together, brainstorming, planning, outlining the sequences for the movie, and beginning to write. We also watched the whole day of the Bluff Riders Mountain Bike Race at Mount Kato, so she got a full sense of what a big mountain bike race is like, and we hiked several trails in the woods around here, looking for places where we could film the actors on their bikes. It’s a thing. We’re doing this. 

I retired. And because of all the change-of-lifestyle I’ve been undergoing after my aortic aneurysm, I can make writing a high priority in my life for the first time. No classes to prep or teach, no papers to grade late at night or early in the morning, no SCC meetings to attend.

I can write.  Of course, I’m headed out to see my grandkids later today, and I want to spend at least an hour walking or hiking most days, and I’m lifting weights again, thanks to cardio rehab, but my energy focus gets to be on writing for the first time.

I’m in the process of applying for an Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council Artist Grant to upgrade my screenwriting software and to cover some other expenses. So….stay tuned. I’m excited for this next chapter. And, if you find it in your hearts, please wish us luck on this venture. 

(And the beautiful purple picture of three mountain bikers? Steve Pottenger took that picture).  

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