Sunday, I rode the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride. 100 miles. The first 83 were a blast. Even when it started to rain. We felt like we were flying along in the rain…and on rutty broken pavement…but then…

Snow. Then sleet. Then wind. My friend David and I just looked at each other and laughed. It was so miserable, we couldn’t even begin to complain.

We did, however, check on each other periodically: “Can you feel your feet? Okay, good. It’s not just me.” “Are your hands numb? Is it shooting up your arms?” “My legs are like frozen tired pistons. They only have one speed and there’s no way they’re going faster.” (That last was me; David probably could have gone faster. I couldn’t).

Fun, let me tell you. But we survived!

Carol, David, Rachael, Loretta, Lisa, Steve, Danielle, Lee, and all the friends who also rode–we are ironpeople!
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