It’s been a long school year: the snowstorms, snow days, and all the normal upheaval that accompanies higher ed. (If you have no clue what that means, you should read Julie Schumacher’s The Shakespeare Requirement. It’s hilarious and over-the-top sarcastically, but it speaks volumes of truth about the machinations of long-term college teaching life).

My personal spring semester was buried in work. That happens when one teaches three sections of Composition.  But it’s over. I did have some pretty wonderful students this semester, though. I’ll miss them, and they are without question what makes all the work worthwhile. That is an absolute fact.  

But for now, grades are in, and let summer begin!

Wednesday night, we raced our first Isle of Man Time Trial in Rapidan–thank you, race steward “Michaelmas” Busch for overseeing and organizing–and my buddies and I stopped for a photo afterwards. This is the female portion of the crazy crew registered for World 12-hour Time Trials in Borrego Springs, CA, on Nov. 1: Carol, Liz, Julie, and me. (Friend JayBuddy is joining us and Skarpohli is doing 24-hour in Borrego Springs).

Summer was supposed to kick off with another bike race–the Almanzo Gravel–in Northfield, but with thunderstorms all night, most of us registered decided to bail. So now I’m happily home (and dry) with a morning to try to put my house in some semblance of order after letting it all fall apart around me while I graded research papers for two weeks straight.

Then I’ll go for a ride outside if it’s dry enough or not storming, at least. If not, I better ride my trainer. I “carbed up” for Almanzo, so I have to burn them off somehow. And now, to the dirty dishes piled in the kitchen. Ah, the end of finals week.

One last thing before I begin. I just read this article, which I want to point out. The author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond, is interviewed about the serious nature of the world. It is worth the time to read.



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