(to me):  “Do you have a punch-card at the orthopedist?”

(another presenter at the conference today): “My mother told me I was the kind of little boy she didn’t want me to play with.”

“I’m an illlustrator. Can I draw this story instead of writing it?”
(me): “Well, I guess so. So draw the parts of your story that other people are writing.”
(time passes): “I don’t know how to draw the problem part. Can I just leave that out?”
“Is it a story without a problem? Give it your best try.”
(a few minutes later) “I gave up on that. I’ll do the other parts.  But I don’t know how to draw a city, either. That’s the setting…”
and so it went.  The kid is some kind of metaphor for writer’s block I think.

SW/WC Service Coop Young Writers’ Conference today was a blast.  But I’m tired.

I met a bunch of awesome kids. Some of them are really good writers. All of them seemed to be good listeners and readers.

Even my keynote speech was fun (I was scared to talk to a gym full of 1000 people. I wonder if it showed). I guess it went okay! I was surprised every time the whole gym laughed when I said something funny.

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