Remember how my life was imitating my fiction? Well, if you read Jake Riley, you may remember Lainey got a “boxer’s fracture” when she punched Jake in the nose? Well guess what and who? And who’d a thunk you could get a boxer’s fracture on a road bike? And who’d a thunk it would be this hard to type left-handed?

So last night I went down (I’m not even going to try to tell this story left-handed) and broke 2 bones in my right hand. Cannot hold a pen in any way that it reaches a paper unless my elbow is above my head. Maybe the real cast will be better than the way they have me splinted, but this will be challenging.

Am going to go buy a digital voice recorder so I can work. I think it took me ten minutes to type this, or nearly so. I’m fine. It could have been so much worse. And I am officially the poster child for bike helmets now.

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